BoardLearn is the nonprofit governance training suite for BoardLead.

As you begin your new role as a board member, we know you have plenty of questions. BoardLearn, your virtual training suite, provides the information, skills, and confidence you need so that you're entering the board room passionate and prepared.

  • Fundraising

    Board members play an important role in generating financial resources for the organization. Overcome your fundraising anxiety, and learn best practices, tips and tricks for becoming a successful fundraiser.

  • Nonprofit Finance

    As you begin your role, understand the board's responsibility for protecting the assets of the organization, learn your way around nonprofit financial reports and standard practices.

  • Effective Leadership

    Successful BoardLeaders support their organization in a variety of ways. Explore the balance between management vs board responsibilities, learn strategies for evaluating and supporting the chief executive, and uncover ways in which you can leverage your skills and networks for high impact.

  • Legal Oversight

    Ensuring legal and ethical integrity is critical for a strong organization and board. Know your three legal duties and understand how they affect your role as a leader on the board.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Above and beyond the basic responsibilities of governance is a duty to the community being impacted by an organization's work. Explore how diversity, equity, inclusion, leadership, and teamwork play a role in exceptional nonprofit board service.

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